Poll: Do You Think It Is Wrong to Call Things Like Gaming, Gambling and Facebook Addictions?

Question by Unlimited_Knowledge: Poll: Do you think it is wrong to call things like gaming, gambling and Facebook addictions?
where the “addiction” is purely psychological?
I think they should be called obsessions, as it is more accurate, and it differentiates between them and actual drug addictions, where the body develops a physical dependence for the addiction.
There is a difference between merely missing something and your body actually suffering physical damage from withdrawal, as happens with drug addictions.

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Answer by The Step Brothers

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Yes except for gambling which can be a really addiction and ruin your life.

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Problem Gambling PSA – Scrambling to find money to gamble with? Find gambling addiction information and other resources on the prevention, intervention, & treatment for problem and pathological gamblers, their families, and communities at problemgambling.ca.gov or call 1-800-GAMBLER.


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