People With a Strong Jupiter, Do You Have Problems With Excess? in What Areas?

Question by Endora the Explorer: People with a strong Jupiter, do you have problems with excess? in what areas?
list aspects, house placements

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Answer by ??? ..????.. ??? ??c??? rí???
I don’t think Jupiter is in my top 3 of dominant planets but it’s my chart ruler sooo.. I’ll answer 🙂

Jupiter in Scorpio, House XI, Libra
trine Moon
trine Mercury
square Venus
biQuintile Sun

Excess in a bad way? I don’t think so… I am very optimistic but that isn’t a bad thing because 99% of the time, I believe people tend to create their own life circumstances based off of how they are feeling. I’m pretty much always in a good mood and I can take humor out of just about any situation; also, I don’t take myself too seriously. As for my Jupiter being in House XI, I tend to attract all different sorts of people to me, and being it’s square my Venus I am naturally suspicious of everyone. Not sure if that would have anything to do with “excess” though, aside from an abundance of suspicion.

Answer by nice_girl
I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, don t understand what kind of excess, but I exaggerate when I express my love

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