Is Alchohol the Only Drug That Is Physically Addictive?

Question by ImCoNfUsEd: Is alchohol the only drug that is physically addictive?
I was told this by an addictions counsoler, but it doesn’t sound rite. She said alcohol is the only drug that is PHYSICALLY addictive, and the rest are mental addictions.

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Answer by bamfgrl23
Why do you think they have methadone clinics??? Heroin is extremely physically addictive.

Answer by dantea_2007
I dont believe that because it is proven that narcotics like weed, cocaine, heroine..etc. are addictive and even cigarettes are addictive because your body is used to those extra endorphynes (dont think thats spelled right) but when it starts to deplete they want more therefore causing the person to seek more drugs….

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