If Someone Is Addicted to Crack Cocaine, Is There Any Hope?

Question by dbelsila: If someone is addicted to crack cocaine, is there any hope?
My 18 year old son is addicted to crack cocaine. I have tried to watch him; tried threatening; tried cutting off communication; nothing works. He now has stolen from me and he’s sitting in jail. I know he needs treatment, but ppl are saying its a lost cause; some say there is hope and some say he will always use. Is there any hope for recovery? Honestly?

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Answer by The Man
Well for me being in and out of rehabs, i have seen many people recover and maintain sobriety after crack cocaine use. Its a very strong psychological addiction, but there is no physical dependence which makes it a little easier than most things, and is why they rely on psychotherapy. They used to say opiate addiction is a hopeless, but thats changed (considering experience). Its not hopeless, but it will be hard after treatment because u should just worry about his addictive personality, keep a close watch on him. Also, threatening him with things wont do anything, he would do what he wishes. You have to help him to change himself or have someone else help him

Answer by Emily
Yes, there is hope that your son will stop smoking crack cocaine. I am 45 years old. I started smoking crack cocaine 3 years ago. Crack is EXTREMEMELY ADDICTIVE. Now, even though it’s addictive, your son CAN STOP. He has to realize that if he continues smoking crack, things will only get worse…..and fast. He needs to go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings….they’re great. He will see at these NA meetings that there are many people who WERE in the “same boat” as him, but they recovered….they will tell your son how they recovered…I mean, what steps they took and how they did it. In-patient rehab helps, but he has to realize that he has a problem that will continuously get worse and worse if he keeps using. Bottom line, yes, there is hope for your son, but he HAS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIS ADDICTION. “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”. Good luck to you.

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