How Can You Control Someone Who Has a Gambling Problem?

by lisby1

Question by superwoman: How can you control someone who has a gambling problem?
My brother is addicted to gambling. He seems to never go home a winner. When he wins, he would only bet more.. then he will lose it back.

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Answer by generationofswine1
The only way is to get him to go to Gambler’s Anon.

Sometimes that is nearly impossible as people need to hit rock bottom before they go. You need to do it gently, because problem gamblers have built in defenses and excuses to defend what they do.

Answer by r0bErT4u
A friend of mine lost her ability to manage her own finances. All her money is held in a trust, from which bills & other expenses are paid from. I think it was her family that filed the case. She lost due to her gambling is/was harming herself & family’s finances to a dangerous point.

I’m not a lawyer, but I hope you can help your bro =0p…

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