Did Any Body Hear About Keith URban Going to Rehab?

Question by Renée: Did any body hear about Keith URban going to rehab?
Doyou have any more details then that?

Best answer:

Answer by Nurse stat
I have read it . I think he is dealing with a Drug Problem.Maybe check out Country Weekly there you should find the answer

Answer by katey g
nicole is suporting him the whole way and he has had a drug problem for a while

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ICTs and Moral Dilemma in Schools

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In the Western world, they have different psychologists addressing different forms of addictions and they have rehabilitation centres which use cognitive behavioural therapy which is a technique to know how one thinks and the extent of the addiction.
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A new home for New Hope centre

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BRACKNELL Forest's drug and alcohol treatment centre will close its doors for a week while it moves to a new premises. The New Hope centre is currently at 92 Broadway and will close at 8pm on Tuesday, opening at its new home in 16-17 Market Street on …
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Japan's online gaming addiction getting more serious

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Best known for treating alcohol addiction, Kurihama Medical and Addiction Centre in Kanagawa Prefecture set up the nation's first outpatient division specializing in Internet-related addiction in July last year. Since then, 85 patients have been treated.
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