Why Doesn’t My Friend Like to Drink? (10 Points)?

Question by Insomniac. (;: Why doesn’t my friend like to drink? (10 points)?
I’m 16, and so are my friends. I know it’s bad, but I’m a smoker. I also don’t really need to drink to have fun, but I do LIKE to. Now I like being a rebel, and yeah, I’m a bit of a bad influence, and the “leader” of the pack. I have a group of 4 friends, everyone follows what I do, and enjoys most of the things I lead them to do, I would never let them get hurt, like, I’m VERY trustworthy. But one of my friends is the most ANNOYING to be around because she’s paranoid of everything and she “doesn’t wanna get caught by her mom” or “get in trouble”. If we drink, she gets mad. We like hanging out with her, yeah, but it’s such a drag… especially to have such a downer like that.
She’s coming over this weekend, and I’m having a few people come over to have a few beers and play poker, but she’s gonna be mad… ugh. Please help?!
Shut up Julia, it’s not like I’m an alcoholic. You don’t live life for consequences, you’ve got to get it while you can. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Jesus Christ..

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Answer by [email protected]!! 😀
Tell her straight to her face: ‘You’re a really fun person to be around but if you don’t like what we do, you can bail.’ Or…Just ignore her. No one should ruin y’alls fun because they don’t like something you do.

Answer by Julia
Your friend is wise and intelligent. Good on her. She doesn’t need your company. She needs to stay out of trouble, and away from this bad company. And, as for you, if you keep going down that track, there will be long term consquences. Don’t say your friend didn’t warn you so. All she is doing is showing concern, and you’re backing away from it because you think you’re “too cool”. Pssh.

Smoking and alcohol never did any good to anybody, and it’s a pity you don’t realise. Anybody that gets mad at what you do actually cares about your welfare. But, if you don’t take that down, you’ll sure regret it in the future becase there’s a concept called “addiction”, and addiction causes soo many life struggles that you wouldn’t believe. Get a hold of yourself because not only are you being irresponsible about your physical and emotional health, you are affecting others because four of your friends are niavely following you. I hope you choose the right decision, or you will learn the hard way by being a “rebel”. Things can change, sooner the better.

And, don’t think “Addiction isn’t going to happen to me”. You cannot fortell the future, and you’re gambling with your life, slowly and slowly. Keep that in mind. This isn’t a laughing matter.

And to answer your question, your friend doesn’t drink because she doesn’t fall into peer pressure, and she knows the dangers of smoking and alcohol. And, I wish you could, too. =)

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Yeah, we only live once. More reason to LIVE life, not deterioriate it with smoking and alcohol. I’m done, here. I’m not going to go explaining myself when one is stubborn. Life is precious.

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