Why Does the American Main Stream Media Occludes the Topic of the” Southamerican Cocaine” Smuggled From Cuba?

Question by Zafiro: Why does the American main stream media occludes the topic of the” southamerican cocaine” smuggled from cuba?
cuba and its corrupt puppet leftist government are enslaved, and involved in criminal activities, terrorism, and Cocaine smuggling because the demand and consume of that illegal drug in Florida – a liberal crooked and corrupt state- is huge ! Floridians want their drugs, those druggie freaky crack-heads are desperate for it, and the american massive media knows it but refuse to put it on the public opinion’s table. they prefer to blame on Mexico and Mexicans… and blah blah blah…they repeat it on and on.. the american propaganda and liberal pro-communist media su*/u*ck!
It’s not from everywhere… it’s from those islands close to the U.S seashores and ports of entry.
The big player is the CIA and the CIA uses cuba as jump board…

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Answer by Alex
tons of drugs coming from every where, i think they focus on Mexico because it’s easy to get pictures of mass murders near the border to give the stories more impact… i sincerely doubt any media is leaving out Cuba because they are liberal/pro-communist organizations

edit – http://www.justice.gov/ndic/pubs38/38661/movement.htm

Cuba is not a big player in the cocaine trade

Answer by thecharleslloyd
Most of the senior executives are on the stuff and don’t want to miss out on their recreational drug. It has to be the only answer.

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