Why Do Some Christians Hate Pokemon?

Question by Zebra: Why do some Christians hate Pokemon?
I am a Japanese boy teen that moved to New York from Tokyo because, as you may have guessed, due to the current radiation problems. And for the first time in my life, I have learned that some Christians hate Pokemon and sees it as demonic and such.

This website:

Says, “In addition to having an affair on his wife, Herman Cain was spouting brainwashing nonsense from a Japanese anime (anime is the Japanese word for pornography) named Pokemon (the Japanese word for crack cocaine).”

This is not true, anime is the short form of “animeeshon” since this is the way Japanese people pronounce the English word “animation.” Also, Pokemon does not mean crack cocaine, it is the short form of “Pocket Monsters,” combining the “pocke” and “mon” parts.

It also says, “The movie Cain quoted was Pokemon 2000. According to Sandra O’Connor, Pokemon 2000 was a movie about “scientists created a Pokemon named Mew 2 who has human-like abilities but tries to take over the world with Hitleresque intentions. It uses its knowledge of science to create more clones of itself, which works until a young homosexual named Ash dresses up like a ‘cat furry’ and seduces Mew 2, and then catches the creature by revealing his ‘shiny Poke balls’.””

This is also not true, since yes the movie (I have seen it in both Japanese and English) was partly about scientists creating a Pokemon named Mew 2 who had human-like abilities and tries to take over the world, but it is not true that it tries to clone itself, that Ash is a homosexual, that Ash dresses up like a ‘cat furry’ and seduces Mew 2 and then catches the creature by revealing his ‘shiny Poke balls’.

These websites:





All Photoshop and give largely inaccurate i

Best answer:

Answer by IndigoWolverine
Pokemon evolve, most christians believe God created, and therefore evolution is impossible.

Also, I notice that Pokemon fight each other with what looks like magic. Christians dont like magic either.

Answer by =42
It’s ok. They hate Harry Potter now, so the heat’s off Pokemon.

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