Why Didn’t Obama Get a Congress Person to Add the $53 Billion for High Speed Rail in the ORIGINAL “stimulus”?

Question by (D)rone St(R)ike 2012 KILLemALL 🙂: Why didn’t Obama get a congress person to add the billion for high speed rail in the ORIGINAL “stimulus”?
Doesn’t he have a serious credibility problem at this point?

I mean if he really thought this high speed rail idea was so good, why didn’t he push this hard for it to be included in the original “stimulus” bill?


Six weeks ago, I warned that President Obama’s much maligned high-speed-rail program was becoming a ” high-stakes gamble.”

Well, the President just went all in.

On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden announced a six-year, $ 53 billion plan to expand high-speed passenger trains, a surprisingly aggressive boost for Obama’s fledgling effort to change the way we move around the country. Last year, the President requested just $ 1 billion for the program from a Democratic Congress; now that Republicans control the House and have vowed to slash spending in general and high-speed rail in particular, he’s requesting $ 8 billion for next year. (Can high-speed rail help make America green?)

Best answer:

Answer by Beltway 8
The House will never pass that hooplah.

Answer by New Barack Panther
I’m glad to see he’s so out of touch with reality that he’s actually still pushing government trains.

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