Which Boook Should I Chooseee?

Question by …: Which boook should i chooseee?
Which boook should i chooseee ?
so for an Eng. assignment we have to read a book from a list, and i chose these too but i dont know which one is better :$

in your opinon, would you rather read
You Don`T Know Me by Klass David

(review below)
Every day, 14-year-old John wonders if he will be alive by the next sunrise.

On the surface, John is just like most teens: he goes to high school every day, where he has several good friends and pines over the most popular girl. However, no one knows that every evening John is abused by his soon-to-be-stepfather.

This is a terribly sad novel that shows how easily an abused kid can slip through the cracks. Abused and hurt children like John are usually too scared to tell anyone. John is convinced no one knows or cares about him. He’s sure his teachers’ own lives are so unhappy that they want to make others miserable too. He thinks nothing of leaving his best friend when he’s in big trouble, knowing that his friend would do the same to him. And, because we know his secret, he is convinced that we, the readers, are the worst people of all. No one has rescued him yet. Everyone, even his own mother, has let John continue to live in fear. Why should he have faith in anyone?

John finally does get help — and he lucks out. Help comes without him ever having to speak up. In reality, victims of abuse almost always need to take the terrifying step of telling someone before they get help.

If you like a book that really gets into a character’s head or if you have an interest in psychology, this book is for you. Mixed in with his jaded thoughts, John has the same worries and feelings as any of us, making him a completely understandable and likable character. Without being overly dramatic, YOU DON’T KNOW ME packs a lot of action between its covers.

— Reviewed by Kate Torpie


Bitter Fruit by Keaney Brian
(review below)
It was like picking up some strange fruit that was black and glossy on the outside and biting into the flesh to find the taste was bitter beyond words. But she could not spit it out. She had to chew on that flesh and swallow every bit of the pulp.

Rebecca’s dad is so much stricter than her friends’ fathers. When she stays out late and comes home smelling of alcohol and smoke they have a blazing row and she tells him she hates him. Tragically, those are the last words she will ever say to him.

Grief at her father’s death is mixed with a terrible guilt, but while Rebecca is still trying to cope with these powerful emotions she finds out that her father had a secret life.

As she struggles to discover what he was really doing on the night he was killed, Rebecca must learn to deal with tragedy and face the truth about a world in which everything is much more complicated than it looks.

Orchard ISBN 1841210056

Please help! :]
“What is remarkable about this book is Keaney’s uncanny ability to delve into the heart of a teenage girl’s dilemmas and present them authentically and with clarity.”

Books For Keeps

“A gripping read that will have you in tears from start to finish.”


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Answer by LunalitSol
I’m so sorry. I thought the choice would be clearer. :/ Honestly, I’d say to read them both, as they both sound amazing, and then decide from there. And, hell, if you still can’t decide, you could probably combine them for your project and maybe end up with extra credit! Now, I must go look for those books you mentioned! They sounded soooooo interesting!

Answer by jayni
i think you read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)
The heart of Book 7 is a hero’s mission–not just in Harry’s quest for the Horcruxes, but in his journey from boy to man–and Harry faces more danger than that found in all six books combined, from the direct threat of the Death Eaters and you-know-who, to the subtle perils of losing faith in himself.
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