What’s Up With This Police Behavior?

Question by cinandclover: What’s up with this police behavior?
When driving in my town tonight I was almost cut off by a cop making a left. He stopped and pulled out behind me. He followed me for a few minutes. When we hit double lanes he switched lanes to follow a car with their blinker stuck on like a drunk or old person. He followed them into a strip mall. I entered the next county boundary and went into the Walmart there in a nearby plaza (on the same road a few minutes down.) I passed by more than a dozen stores, but most were closed being 8pm on Sunday. I parked in a cluster of cars and was in for 5 minutes buying three things. When I came out my car was sitting in a big empty circle of parking spaces, except for one car, a cop car sitting idle in front of my car like an “L”. I unlocked my car for my friend to get in and then the cop drove off as I put stuff in my trunk. I noticed as he drove by it was a cop car from my town and I think the same one as earlier. What was his deal? What would be the reason for searching out my car? My cops aren’t crooked…when I worked in sales at a local mom and pops store by myself they used to sit outside in my parking lot when I locked up at night to make sure I got into my car safe. Now, I’m a little older and they always appear driving slowly by me when I’m outside my house doing yard work. This past September a cop stopping, pulling over, and watching me for several minutes. I got performance anxiety and went into my house till the cop left shortly after. I have no criminal record. I stopped speeding years ago and they never gave me tickets when I did. I don’t do drugs or alcohol. I don’t dress like a call girl. Why are the cops from my town picking on me? When I see a cop car I can only look at the car and not the cop because it’s a cop car and I get hung up on the fact that it is a cop car. I can’t identify the cops themselves to know if it’s one or several different cops scoping me out. I did know 2 from the department, one from HS and one a former co-worker. Several others know me from being customers while I worked in sales. I don’t approach them for people have told me that police are trained to take that as hostile. I don’t want to be shot when I have no health insurance. What would set me aside from others in my area to get that kind of “big brother is always watching treatment”? No one I ever spoke to received it. I’m a 30 year old 102lb 5’5 white woman, with a flat chest and a big bum. How threatening can I be? (That is a rhetorical question.) What would warrant police scrutinizing me? What could I do to fall out of their radar and blend in with my local community?

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Answer by True Conservative
USA is police state.

Answer by Michael
Well, to me it sounds like you are letting your imagination run away with you a bit.

But, I will take you seriously for the moment. . .

You car might be the problem. Maybe it is the same color, make, model, and year of some known thug the police are keeping an eye on.

More than likely it is your slow driving and odd mannerisms when you are near a cop. That stuff does catch their eye. . ., they wonder why the furtive movements and the quick glances. . ., they wonder what are you up to. So, you get followed, which makes you act even odder. . ., which makes the cops think you are up to some illegal activity.

You may have gotten the reputation as the “odd duck” that does weird stuff around cops. A suspicious behavior.

And then, of course, maybe you have a couple fans. . ., even cops are not immune to a “big bum”.

Try this for awhile. Next time you think you are being watched, just look over at the cop, smile and wave. Betcha he either waves back or simply drives off.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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