What You Think About Islam Forbidding the Drinking of Alcohol?

Question by la_bamba0: What you think about Islam forbidding the drinking of alcohol?
Some Muslims claim that its some kind of Future predicting by islam, Because in this age drunk people with today technology may cos major harm like using gun or care and so one.
Im a Muslim and i like to hear from you (i don’t care why its forbidden but i like it this way) .
Do not worry use strong words say whatever you like just show your point.
Good luck 🙂
For examble americans dead for drinking reasons are more than those died in wars, even united stated did forbide alcohhol once ..
for me and all my familey we never drinks, i dont know how somone like to drink and refuse mariwana fro example .. its another culture effect in my openion which make drinking alcohol as normal thing.

Best answer:

Answer by DAS
more for me

Answer by blutige seide
I dunno think it would be a logical explaination for this one

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