What Is the Name of the Game Called in Which the People Gamble at a Party in Marie Antoinette?

Question by Zach: What is the name of the game called in which the people gamble at a party in Marie Antoinette?
In Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola there is this round board with strange symbols on it. It’s used when it’s the Queens birthday and she has a huge 3 day gambling party. The song “Ceremony” by New Order Plays. People are rolling dice on it and drinking champagne. You can find what it looks like on the official website if you go to the pastimes page but it doesn’t say the name of the game or what kind of board it’s called. Does anyone know?

thanks in advance!

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Answer by Sybaris
It could be hocca, a kind of roulette, at which players could lose vast sums of money. Or hazard? I couldn’t get into the site, so didn’t see the picture.


Also, from my book “The Sun King” by Nancy Mitford.

You could have a look here, too:

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