What Exactly Is a Sex Addiction Assuming It’s Real?

Question by Hollywood Jono: What exactly is a sex addiction assuming it’s real?
Assuming sex addiction is real and not just something created by the media and therapists looking for new cliental in this recession, what exactly is sex addiction? Is it a dependency or addiction to sex as someone would be addicted to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, or is it more or less a compulsive disorder where someone will get an idea in their head that they need sex and need it now other wise they don’t feel right and continue to be nagged by this feeling? Or could it be a little of both?

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Answer by Andreas Adry
the second one.. assuming it’s real..

Answer by Now Now
Like wanting, craving sex all the time. You’ll have it more often than others. If you are married, leads to extra marital affairs. So they say therapy will cure you of it.

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