What Can I Use to Make Little “cocaine” Rocks?

Question by Ryane: What can I use to make little “cocaine” rocks?
It’s part of a joke as a present for a friend. How can I use something like baking soda or sugar and make it stick together so it’s like little cocaine rocks?

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Answer by Kevin
dont do it everything will go wrong i played a joke like that and my friend ended up in the hospital

Answer by John
My suggestion would be some of the more expensive types of powdered sugar (or caster’s sugar). Cheaper brands add in anti-clumping agents, as they tend to create the rocks just like you are talking about…but the clumping agents can screw up things like a souffle or meringue, so some more expensive brands don’t put it in there.

You could also put a drop of glue into a pile of sugar or baking soda, rolling it around until it becomes a clump, and then let it dry?

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