Violence Is Not the Solution


Violence is Not the Solution – Venta needed treatment for his drug problem. Instead, he was tortured. In all corners of the world, people who use drugs are forcibly detained in “rehabilita…


10300 Mont. addicts to be eligible for treatment

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HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Some 10,344 alcoholics and drug addicts in Montana will become eligible for substance-abuse treatment coverage next year under the federal health care overhaul, a number that could jump to 21,473 if the state Legislature expands …
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Lindsay Lohan To Enter 90-Day "Lock Down" Rehab – Will It Work?

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But the truth is that the type of addiction treatment offered in private residential facilities has not changed much over time, and does not typically take advantage of new options available through medically-based therapy. Spend celebrity-scale …
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Another View: NH needs more sensible drug laws, not a new prison

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I speak of halfway houses, sober houses, substance abuse treatment centers, day reporting centers, restorative justice centers and other programs, plus the case managers and probation officers needed to supervise additional offenders in the community.
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