Troubled Teens Progam School Things??

Question by rollingg stonerrrr: Troubled Teens Progam School Things??
They call them “Theraputic Bording Schools for Troubled Teens.” Is any parent thinking about sending their troubled teen here.
Or has anyone on here ever been sent away to a place like this? They are usually for kids who got introuble with the law with drugs and stuff…

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Answer by *ZARA*
When i got suspended from school for bringing alcohol. I got sent to a special program. My parents didn’t choose for me to go there, the school did. If any time you get suspended at my high school (its a public one) for drugs violence or alcohol you get sent to the rehab program, its mandatory. I didn’t really do anything bad since i was just holding the alcohol for someone else, and i still got sent to this program. I had to stay there for 3 days, until i was allowed back in school. I think this is rather crazy for a grade 8. When i got there it was so scary! i really didn’t fit in.. all the teens there were like 18 and some of the girls were pregnant. They were all like snorting cocaine and they had guns. All the gangs were like against each other, and i was caught in the middle.

My school is trying to improve the students behavior, but i think this actually put me in a very unsafe position. I didn’t deserve to be there… the school in British Columbia are making a BIG mistake by sending students to this program.

Answer by Lakisha D
I am think in about sending my child to a alternative school that has discpline as the key focus.

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