The Odds Are AGAINST You – Are You a Gambling Addict?


The Odds are AGAINST You – are you a gambling addict? – Burt Dragin wrote the book on Gambling Addiction: Are you a gambler? Do you know someone who is — and it’s an addiction? Read Burt’s book and learn more about what can be done. Email Burt to get a discounted copy of the book:


Proximity key for problem gamblers: Richardson |

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He entered counseling for gambling addiction as a condition of his bankruptcy, though he admits that he still goes to the casino from time to time. Teresa stopped gambling after her husband gave her an ultimatum. With his help, she entered the self …
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Holiday Season Difficult For Shopping Addicts

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"When this behavior causes serious financial problems and takes over someone's life, it's an issue as serious as a gambling addiction, and it's very difficult to treat." says Tolin. "Often people are in denial that they even have a problem. And you can …
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Addiction fought

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Councillor Dave Hall questioned the project and whether there was any research being done in issues such as gambling addicts who don't self report given the growth of gaming facilities around the province, and the impacts on addicts and those in their …
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