Promo on CBC Promo on CBC – Shawn Jordan from was on CBC TV doing a promo for the city of Calgary and his 21-step recovery tool for gambling addicts.


Football's addiction to gambling

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"'Nobby' said: "Let's just stop in at the betting shop and see what's on'. So he put on an accumulator. He picks five horses and we go to get the food. We come back and three of the horses have won so we hang about. "Then the next one wins and the …
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Sports leagues keeping close eye on Canadian betting bill

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There will be various security measures in place to stop gamblers from trying to affect the outcome of a game, said Jim Warren, president and CEO of Riseley Gaming Inc., a Toronto-based company that specializes in casino development and management …


Fugitive Gegic turns himself in

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But if everyone has someone behind them who is prepared to bet 10 million on a match, do you think he will stop at anything to ensure that result comes up? Gambling on sport is a curse which exists worldwide. I don't know how a stop can be put to it. I …
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