Solutions to Stop Gambling


Solutions To Stop Gambling – There are solutions for compulsive gambling and self help for a gambling problem. Find ways to stop gambling. Compulsive gambling addiction does not have to destroy your life.


Penn National spent millions to stop expanded gambling

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MARYLAND — Penn National Gaming spent $ 5.5 million trying to prevent expanded gambling in Maryland, according to The Baltimore Sun. A sixth casino and table games at other casinos would economically impact Penn National's casino in Cecil County, …
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When the addiction cure is another addiction

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Studies supporting the syndrome model have found that different objects of addiction (for example, eating, gambling and drug use) all stimulate the neurobiological circuitry of the central nervous system. In one such study, functional magnetic …


PHILIP GRAF INTERVIEW: This rich industry must not be too afraid to find out

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'The real issue about all this damned – to be blunt – research is that there's no research globally which says this machine causes this addiction,' he says. 'There's a lot of evidence from treatment providers who say … 'And you can spend real money …
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