Seceding From the States?

Question by jpc8015: Seceding from the States?
Did anybody hear about the Lakota Indian Tribe wanting to disolve their treaties with the federal government and set up their own country? Is this a good idea for them? How would they manage without federal aid for everything from “cultural centers” to drug and alcohol rehabilitation? At some point would we need to go and forcibly take their land back from them in order to save them from themselves? What would the consequences be, could we then take away their status as a soveirgn nation and not give them treaties?

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Answer by Perplexed Bob
Well, considering the living conditions on reservations, I don’t see how they were be losing much if they declared their own country.

Answer by Fancy That
technically, all Native tribes are considered their own nation. So the US has many nations with in the nation.

I think we’ve done quite enough ‘forcibly taking their land’. And you cannot take back what you never had a right to in the first place. That property belonged to these people long before we came along.

It is the right of any group to define their culture, as long as it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg.

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