Q&A: I Was Just Told I Was an “alcoholic” and I’ve Been Put on Antabuse. I Think I Was More or Less Abusing It But

Question by kt_scarlett7: I was just told I was an “alcoholic” and I’ve been put on antabuse. I think I was more or less abusing it but
I don’t know what to do…alcohol was how I coped and now I’m so sad and terrified to not be allowed to have it…ever. The cravings for it are bad because I’m so depressed. I don’t know what to do. If it wasn’t alcohol it would be something else to make me feel better. I need help, but I have very few friends since I moved to a new city. I’m going through a break-up and I hate my job. Alcohol was the only thing that made me feel normal. Now I feel more depressed knowing I’m forced not to have that anymore. How am I ever going to feel better?

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Answer by Jes
Time will help. I really recomend seeking out AA. I know that hurts, but people who care being there to listen to you in person will make a huge difference.

Something that might help is to take up exercise. Just grab some shoes and start jogging, or get down and do some sit-ups. The endorphins will give you a quick natural boost and make you feel better aw well as helping you out physically. And, the better shape you are in usually the better your self image. Just walking around the block will help.

Call some of your old friends and talk.

Get out into some sunshine. Or, if you can’t, hit a tanning bed (but not often), and the vitamin D and warmth and all will make you feel better.

Check out the entertainment section of your local paper.

If you like movies, go see one every week. It will give you something to look forward to, and get you out of the house.

Hey, maybe a spa day right now to help bring you out of the funk for a bit.

The most important thing though is to actually do something. If you just stay at home by yourself, you will feel worse and worse. Make a routine, and a plan and stick with it. Actually write it out on paper. Write down your weekly schedule, so you can see how much time you have and when you can do things. Also write down goals, starting with the closest ones. Hang this up someplace you can see it.

I know some of the stuff sounds yuppie or hokey, but doing positive things really will make you feel better.

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