Public Response Amazing Says Diver Mitcham

Public response amazing says diver Mitcham

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Champion diver Matthew Mitcham says he's had an overwhelmingly positive response to revelations he battled drug addiction and depression.
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Addiction – I made this video about addiction. The music is Frigid Pink’s cover of The House of the Rising Sun. The images of the police officers in the video aren’t intended as a slam against the police force or any police officer. Police do their job to the best of their abilities, but they aren’t social workers and their jobs are made even tougher by a revolving-door court system that returns violent offenders back to the streets. If the violence of the images affected anybody with a problem with booze or drugs…good…you’re who my intention was geared towards and hopefully I got through to you. If you don’t get help for your problem please consider that there are only 3 possible futures for you. Insanity, prison or death. I live in Framingham, Massachusetts, which has over the last 20 years gone from being a nice working class town to a town overrun with homeless drug addicts and drunks. Most of the images in the video are of Framingham and the ones that aren’t I tried to tie into the problems the town is going through. The house shown in the video at the 0:53 mark and at other points is an actual abandoned crack-house in town that the police raid about 3 times a day. The young man slouched on the couch is one of the more upstanding residents of the house. He is a heroin addict who supports his addiction by dealing and stealing. He survived a bullet wound to the head after a drug deal went bad. But that didn’t dissuade him and he is still dealing. The lady at the 2:00 mark in