Poll: Do You Think People Should Be Jailed for Drugs?

Question by Dude: Poll: Do you think people should be jailed for drugs?

[New law in Mexico]: “Under the new rules there will be no action taken against those carrying up to a half-gramme of cocaine, 40 grammes of marijuana or 50 milligrammes of heroin.

Limits are set for other drugs, including LSD and methamphetamine. People found in possession of these small amounts will be encouraged to attend a drug treatment programme.”

I think this is a much better way to handle the drug epidemic. Why jail someone who hasn’t harmed anyone other than himself? We should encourage him/her to get better instead of raped in jail for having a problem.

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Answer by H???y!
Yeah, I don’t think you should be jailed for drugs. They have chosen to harm themselves. As long as they are not harming others or selling to under-age people, I don’t think they should be jailed.

Answer by Kate
I think its more of the idea that they’re breaking a law so they should go to jail, but that doesn’t mean they should get rid of the law or change it, just change the punishment

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