Online Game Addiction Law Divides South Korea

Online game addiction law divides South Korea
Online game addiction law divides South Korea. People attend an online game forum to discuss the latest bill that groups Internet games with alcohol, drugs and gambling as the four addictions that the government should do more to prevent in Seoul … Read more on Santa Fe New

CVB chief played role in promoting Washington Co.
Hart later said that he had a gambling problem. The CVB board forced Hart to resign in October 2003, and Riford was asked to apply for the job soon afterward – something he admits that he was unsure of at the time. "I liked my job where I was," said … Read more on Ventura County Star

Concert of Giving to benefit needy
GROUP SETS MEETING: Gamblers Anonymous, a 12-Step fellowship of compulsive gamblers who want to recover from their gambling addictions, will meet twice this week in the Youngstown-Warren area. A GA meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. today at … Read more on Warren Tribune Chronicle

Gambling laws: Labor backs moves to water down its pokies reforms
The opposition confirmed its decision a day after church groups and crossbench parliamentarians condemned both major parties for lacking the backbone to protect problem gamblers. Labor will take a different … “Despite this, Labor continues to support … Read more on The Guardian

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