Muktangan De-Addiction Centre in Pune: How Would U Rate Their Treatment?Is It Effective in Curing Alcoholism?

Question by M: Muktangan de-addiction centre in Pune: How would u rate their treatment?Is it effective in curing alcoholism?
Please guys if you have any idea do share..I need to know how good is Muktangan de-addiction centre in Pune. What percentage(roughly) of people who get admitted there are able to get rid of their alcohol addiction.I need to know this for the treatment of my uncle who is an alcoholic.Would reallly appreciate your help!!
Thank you so much in advance.

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Answer by gurlieak
There is no cure for alcoholism. People learn how to abstain and manage the addiction if they really want help. The best place in the world can’t help someone who does not really want it.

Answer by Danny S
“De-addiction” might a word one might apply to drugs. But alcohol is not a drug and alcoholism is not an addiction. (Even though there are hundreds of PAID “Addictions” professionals who want us to believe so)

Alcoholism is a mental obsession – a form of insanity, combined with a physical allergy which causes uncontrollable craving Nothing more – nothing less.

If it were simply an addiction – the problem would be solved once a good seventy-two hour withdrawal from the alcohol had passed.

There is no known cure for the physical allergy that causes craving once alcohol enter the body, but full recovery from the mental obsession is possible – thereby breaking the terrible cycle and solving the problem – through spiritual awakening as the result of the Twelve Steps or some other such spiritual solution.

It is only through spiritual methods that the obsession has ever been removed . In other words, divine intervention.

You don’t have to go to Pune, Minnesota or NYC and let people take your money for that. There is no solve through any known human aid. Only folks selling “services” who want you to think so. Sorry.

The good news is that recovered alcoholics – people like me – help other alcoholics recover and expect NOTHING in return. And our method works where all others have failed.


Danny S

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