Months After I Stopped Abusing Painkillers I Still Feel Really Mentally Different.?

Question by T Georrson: Months after i stopped abusing painkillers i still feel really mentally different.?
I began abusing drugs about a year and a half ago. I eventually became depedent on vicodin and other opiates. In the time period i was abusing them once or multiple times a day and thats when i started feeling different. I felt kind of numb to everything and i felt uncapable of having emotions. Things looked weird when i looked around, and i was really light sensitive. In a weird way, it kind of felt like i was always high. Not like an opiate.. But everything seemed different in a hard way to explain. Thankfully i found a way out and have been mostly clean for about 4 months now but i still feel a little bit like i did. ALOT less, but still present. Its possible that its all in my head, like i just feel like things are different because im worried about it. Is this symptomatic of anything or is this common with painkiller abuse? I just really dont know whats happening and would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

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Answer by emily
I’m not a doctor, but from reading your story, I think that it would be obvious that if you abused it then suddenly quit, it would take awhile for the side effects to wear off right?? I’m really not sure, talk to a doctor.

Answer by Quincy Kelly
First, you need to admit that you have a problem and that you need help for that problem.You have altered the chemicals in your brain. Your brain is sending a signal throughout your body which is causing withdrawal symptoms.(Most common symptoms) Withdrawal from opiates include inability to sit still, sleep, eat, queasy feeling in the stomach, hot or cold flashes, euphoric feelings of being high or wanting to get high. This is completely normal for opiate users and heroin addicts. You have to understand that these “withdrawal symptoms” will diminish eventually; however, you’ll always have cravings etc, the rest of your life. You’ve “luckily” overcame one of the first steps of addiction and that is detoxed “yourself;” without the “proper safe medical detox.” You have done the licensed physician’s roll in addiction by detoxing yourself. Now its in the hands of licensed substance abuse counselors’ and psychiatrists’ to help you live a productive life without drug dependency. If your thinking you can beat this disease by yourself then your wrong. Addiction is not curable, but it can be manged. You need to go to an out-patient or in-patient program, so you can get help on living and coping with the disease of addiction. Millions of individuals suffer from this deadly disease. If you don’t get help for your cravings etc. you could very easily relapse or worse even die. I work with many recovering drug addicts at a rehabilitation program that specializes in addiction. I’ve seen what addiction can do and will do. Please get help. The only thing you’ll get out of addiction is jails, institutions or death.

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