Liver Cancer – Has Anyone Successfully Used a Treatment Called Enhanced Zeolite?

Question by Beatby: liver cancer – has anyone successfully used a treatment called enhanced zeolite?
I have read so much about alternative treatments and really need to know if anyone has tried successfully to reduce large tumours?
What a poor first answer, no need for the thick sarcasm or ‘smart’ remarks,..I don’t need a biology lesson, I simply asked for anyone who had used this treatment, fortunately you don’t need to ask such questions.

Best answer:

Answer by IplayadoconTV
Do you even know what zeolite is? It’s CLAY! So you
think you can defeat LIVER CANCER by eating DIRT!
Go ahead, it can’t hurt. Make sure all your affairs are
in order.

Answer by Animal girl
I hesitate to even answer this, because this is a detox, and not a cure for cancer or tumors.

Liver cancer is a bad one, and rarely a cure, but it certainly would not hurt in conjunction with conventional treatment to also use alternative treatment – what could hurt?

Good luck!

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