Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Lucky Palms (Part 4) Gambling Problems! W/ Commentary


Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Lucky Palms (part 4) Gambling Problems! w/ Commentary – Well Im back with another Lets Play and we start to look around town and we start to have a Gambling Problem. Im also testing my new Mic. GermanStoneArt Channel: www.youtube.com FOLLOW ME ON: Website: vipsims.webs.com Twitter: twitter.com Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com TheSims3.com: mypage.thesims3.com OR send me an Email TheVIPsims@gmail.com When do I Upload? -Monday – LET’S PLAY -Tuesday- NO VIDEO -Wednesday- SHOUT OUT -Thursday- NO VIDEO -Friday- HOUSE VIDEO (every second friday) -Saturday- LET’S PLAY -Sunday- NO VIDEO Intro By: TheVIPsims Images By: TheVIPsims


A casino will make Hamiltonians sick — with addiction and money crises

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However, about 3 per cent of Ontarians exhibit evidence of a gambling problem, and the resulting individual and social costs are significant. It is estimated that between 30 per cent and 40 per cent of Ontario's gambling revenues come from this 3 per …
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Broken Tooth a living reminder of Macau's vicious past

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Indeed, he believes Macau – the only city in China where casino gambling is legal – is riddled to its core with organized crime. “The problems in Macau are very deep and go well beyond just a few low-end desperados,” he told AFP. “Wan Kuok-koi was a …
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Life of Pi' a gorgeous, poignant trip

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It's a wonder he wasn't raised by penguins with gambling problems, or perhaps a circus of some kind. "Twee" is the word, if you're in the habit of using words that make you sound like a jerk. While director Ang Lee's work is pretty and assured, I found …
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These Rules May Keep A Person Out Of Trouble

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Haven't you ever heard a person who is going through a divorce say, "I didn't know he/she had a mean streak, a gambling problem, a roving eye, lazy, bad debts, disrespect, and various other bad habits in their life? People always demonstrate their …
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