KLEAN Radio – Show 3.5 – Bob Forrest, Pat Leborio and Vince Royale


KLEAN Radio – Show 3.5 – Bob Forrest, Pat Leborio and Vince Royale – Sitting in with Andrew and Judah this week was from VH1 Celebrity Rehab, Bob Forrest and comedians, Pat Leborio and Vince Royale. ?Part 1? www.youtube.com Part 2 www.youtube.com Part 3 www.youtube.com Part 4 www.youtube.com Part 5 www.youtube.com Part 6 www.youtube.com Part 7 www.youtube.com KLEAN Radio is a radio show broadcast every Sunday night at 10 pm on 830 AM from the Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, CA covering addiction and recovery issues with an interesting mix of celebrities and treatment experts. Klean Radio is hosted by Klean CEO, Andrew Spanswick and the only Republican Jew with a sense of humor, Judah Friedman. Bob Forrest – www.bobforrestmusic.com Pat LeBorio – www.youtube.com Vince Royale – www.facebook.com KLEAN RADIO – www.kleanradio.com Friend us on Facebook!


Survey: Substance abuse down in past three years among students

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One of the best ways to stop substance abuse is to educate young people about the risks and help adults learn to reach children, Persinger said. “Coming from an informed point of view, change is inevitable. When you know better, you do better,” he said.
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Marriage, education can help improve well-being of adults abused as children

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28 in the Journal of Family Violence, Herrenkohl and his co-authors reported that childhood abuse led to worse mental and physical health and substance abuse in adulthood. For instance, 24 percent of child abuse survivors reported moderate to severe …
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Substance abuse can lead to child abuse

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But new intensive training is making advocates better equipped to help children. Advocates' main focus is on the harmful exposure to children when their parents abuse drugs and alcohol. "Local law enforcement wanted more on the table, more knowledge, …
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