John Giordano: Correct Oxycodone Detox


John Giordano: Correct Oxycodone Detox – Correct Oxycodone Detox – John Giordano of G&G Holistic Drug Treatment Center discusses the correct way to detox from Oxycodone. T…


Arizona Natural Health Center offers natural treatments for autoimmune diseases

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In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, regulates the manufacture and sale of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy improves health by supporting … Homeopathy is a holistic therapy. When we treat people with AI disease, we treat …
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And Many Happy Returns: The Affordable Care Act Turns Three

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Operation UNITE (Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education) in Kentucky received a capacity-building CTG to help support this program which has delivered important results for a holistic, community-based approach to address substance …
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Bipolar Disorder in Women: Hormones, Pregnancy, and Medication

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Women who are treated with a holistic approach to their mood disorder and reproductive cycle are more likely to be treated accurately. … In fact, when treatment is stopped during pregnancy, doctors will try these older drugs if treatment is re …
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