Jail Time for Trafficking Cocaine ?

Question by David: Jail Time For Trafficking Cocaine ?
Someone I know has been arrested for “Trafficking Cocaine”

This will be there FIRST time being in trouble to any degree. No Tickets, No Record at all.

They where caught with an OUNCE of Cocaine in South Carolina.

I’ve searched on Google but I can’t find a good source of up-to-date information.

I need all information pertaining to this hole situation please.

Thanks for your help.

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Answer by debbee p
I live in South Carolina and it depends on what county he is in because some counties have different laws. He will need a good attorney an this may keep him from prison but if he was need a school he will really be going for some time. South Carolina has real strong laws on drugs.

Answer by kelle
You’re right. there is very little info. What there is though is very serious. Incarceration is a sure thing.

South Carolina

A first time offender possessing 10 grains (. 648 grams) or less of powder cocaine is subject to a maximum two-year prison term while the same offender with less than one gram of crack is subject to a maximum five-year term.

Distribution crimes do not differ between the two forms of cocaine.


“The federal government has enacted a number of incredibly stringent laws regarding drug offenses. Drug trafficking and possession offenders are subject to mandatory minimum sentencing requirements (state sentencing is modeled after these federal schedules). This means if a person is convicted of a drug trafficking offense they will be automatically given a predetermined incarceration sentence. In practice, these mandatory minimum laws have put thousands of non-violent drug offenders behind bars for years longer than violent and dangerous criminals are incarcerated. The average length of incarceration for a first time offender is between one and three years, which is greater than the punishment many violent and truly dangerous criminals receive. Many argue that this is an outrageous injustice in our criminal system. ” quote


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