Is It Just Me or Does Marijuana Make You Sick Less?

Question by Sun: Is it just me or does marijuana make you sick less?
I use to get sick alot throughout the year but when I started smoking marijuana I have not been sick since. Is this just a coincidence or not.

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Answer by Scrappy
This a not a fact but, it is thought that Marijuana my have some healing factors. Because of the laws in this country and other these have not been adequately tested yet.

Answer by Zipoflame12
Coincidence. Don’t start making false facts about it -_-

People get sick when they come into contact with bacteria and germs. If you are around large crowds of people, or a kid’s classroom, you’re guaranteed to share germs with them. Wash hands often ,don’t stay up,eat well ,etc to avoid getting sick.
Some people only get sick every so years. I haven’t been sick for 2 years,but I was staying up,working and I got sick. It just depends on the person immune system.

P.s I have friends that smokes it and got sick still. One of them died from lung cancer. So don’t believe the bs people say about marijuana being “good for you”. You have the right to do what ever you want to your body,but don’t tell people its good for you.

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