I Married a Drug Addict, What Should I Do?

Question by spunkysauza: I married a drug addict, what should I do?
Love the man I married. We were fine for the first couple of years, then we got pregnant, had a baby, and got a large inheritance. He used it to get hooked on Oxycontin (he had previously been an opiate addict, been to rehab 6 times before we met, didn’t use it when we were together until he got hooked). He went to rehab in April, spent his 30th birthday there, and he has relapsed about 7 times since then. He says he’s trying, but I have to drug test him each week and he denies everything until I have perfect proof. I love him, we have a daughter, I don’t want to give up on him. Anyone else been married to an addict? Is it worth staying? Do they change? Can they?

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Answer by timetopopnow
No- they don’t change. 🙁 Get your kid out before it’s too late.

Answer by one_revelation
i think only you know that. if you’re unsure maybe you should seperate for awhile and tell him you won’t come back to him until he’s clean. sometimes that works if he loves you more than the drug, and if he doesn’t – well then there you go. he’s not worth it. he won’t be there in the future for you daughter anyways.

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