I Don’t Understand What Type of Gambling Is Illegal? Im Doing a Paper on It and There Is No Answer?

Question by Katie: i don’t understand what type of gambling is illegal? im doing a paper on it and there is no answer?
like im trying to explain how gambling leads to crimes and such and i know there is illegal types of gambling but what are they?

is it illegal for people to gamble online with real money?

is it illegal for kids to pretend to be adults on the gambling websites and gamble?

what trypes of gambling leads to crimes and what can happen?

i would appreciate a link to a website with more info please and thank you sooo much!

Best answer:

Answer by Duke Zorn
a good website to use is majorwager.com It talks about all the legal happenings with online gambling, recent events, etc… Should be informative for you .

Answer by pdq
Gambling leads to crime mainly because when someone becomes addicted, they will do anything in order to get more money with which to gamble. Some will resort to theft.

Illegal to gamble online? No. In most countries, including most states in the USA, it is legal.

Illegal for kids to pretend to be adults? Absolutely!

Any type of gambling can lead to crime. Like I said, get someone who is addicted and desperate, and he will steal things and pawn them for betting money.

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