How Would You Solve a Gambling Addiction?

Question by Shaggy: How would you solve a gambling addiction?
Living in Vegas and I have a family member who wont stop going to slots after money gets in her hands, how would I help her with this problem before everything is spent and its too late

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Answer by Mr
a sex addiction

Answer by Mrs. BonBon
well it does depend on their thinking –

slot players are often classified as escape gamblers – trying to escape their life – they are not like sports bettors or poker players – who are trying to win and beak the bank so to speak!

sounds crazy – but supposedly it does have some truth to it

your friend or family member is NOT playing a game under any circumstances that can be beaten

a really good math teacher should be all they need in theory to properly explain the laws of statistics and they are playing games that are simply not beatable –

there is no strategy or brain power – or hard work that can help one beat these games!

i wish you luck:)

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