How Do You Determine “g” Without Specific Tools?

Question by demarr_10: How do you determine “g” without specific tools?
You are stranded on a strange planet and need to know the local acceleration due to gravity (g). You have rocks, a string, and a watch. With these items how do you determine “g” for your new home planet?

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Answer by (?)Mistress Bekki
You can make a simple pendulum.

The period for small oscillations is:
T = 2 pi sqrt (l/g)

Solve for the gravitational acceleration:
g = 4 pi^2 l^2 / t

You’ll need something to measure the string. Or else just calculate g in stringlengths per second^2, which is a perfectly good unit if you’re stuck on an island.

Answer by Joe M
The period of a pendulum is found by the following equation;

T= period

L= length of string


g=accel of gravity


Make a pendulum
record the length of the string
use the stopwatch to measure the period

From that solve for g in the equation above.

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