How Do Men Respond to the ” Silent Treatment ” From Their Girlfriends?

Question by Kia: How do men respond to the ” Silent Treatment ” from their Girlfriends?
Me and my bf broke up yesterday over his friendship with his “female” best friend that i absolutely cannot stand and his wanting to spend more time with her because she threatened to end the friendship. ( i obviously see what she’s doing but he doesnt). Anyways, i havent talked to him today and most of yesterday and i miss him like crazy. Im not going to give in because i want him to take me and my concerns seriously..and it hurts that he was so willing to let me go so easily and not even put up a fight for me to stay but w/e..I know that even though i miss him a guys mind is about 360 degrees different than mine, so ladies..have any experience with the silent treatment?is it effective? And Gentlemen, how do you feel when you are givin the silent treatment by your significant other?

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Answer by bRooklYnzgiRL
my finance loves it
means he doesn’t have to hear my mouth. =)

Answer by annonymus
well in the past, when my exgirlfriend gave me the silent treament, i fell erally shitty, she just knew how to make a brother feel bad about hiself

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