How Do I Put My 2 Pall Pythons Together in the Same Tank SAFELY. Reply Asap for Best Answer. ?

Question by Braden: How do i put my 2 pall pythons together in the same tank SAFELY. reply asap for best answer. ?
They are adults. Bout 5ft long.

Best answer:

Answer by Ashlea
You mean Ball Pythons? Are you trying to breed them? Have you properly sexed them? Two males in the same tank together is dangerous. I would assume if you are trying to breed them you would know more about this…..
When breeding, the female should be introduced to the male. But there is more to it than that…

EDIT: Not to mention that females should weigh over 1500g before breeding and males over 700g

Answer by gloria
Just put one in the others tank.they should b fine.

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