How Do I Get Over a Bet I Lost in December?

Question by Mitchell: How do I get over a bet I lost in December?
Our teacher ( for privacy I’m calling him Mr.T ), did Boys vs. Girls and the girls lost and it has been going through my mind non-stop ever since I found out we lost. I wish I could forget about doing the 20 push ups, singing “All I Want for Christmas is You”, and the tag that said I lost to the boys in hour 5. Everytime I think about it I remember the sound of Mr.T and the other team’s teacher (teaches same subject as Mr.T) laughing at us along with the boys in our class. Please help!

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Answer by Divide By Zero
I don’t think I’d be able to get over being female either. Boys simply rule! Now you know

Answer by pdq
This is the “Gambling” section. You might want to post this in the “Psychology” section. They might be able to address your psychological problems.

Boys vs. Girls is not supposed to go well for the girls. Remember that next time someone suggests a similar competition. If brawn is at all part of the challenge, then you are at a disadvantage. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just the way humans were made. Be sure your competition is something that doesn’t involve strength or physical ability. It’s foolish to think boy & girls are equal in that way.

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