How Come There Isn’t a Horses Anonymous for Women That Are Horse Crazy, and Put Horses Above Everything?

Question by Jeff D: How come there isn’t a Horses Anonymous for women that are horse crazy, and put horses above everything?
I ask this question because my previous (now ex) significant other spent a good portion of our relationship (and her life) putting horses above her own family. She spent most of the family’s resources and spent most of her own time gallivanting around with horses, horse shows and other horse related activities, events and functions. Horses are cool, but they aren’t that cool, are they? I don’t know if my ex is the only one who is unbalanced in this manner, I believe this condition could be representative of much of women-kind. Girls grow brushing My Little Pony’s and dream of the day when they will own a horse of their own. But how many horses is enough? When is it time to go to the grocery store and buy a few meals to eat? When all the horses have gotten fed. That’s when. Hehe 🙂 Share your thoughts, comments, criticisms, and complaints. Right here. Thanks. 🙂

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Answer by Ray
The horse’s woohoo is bigger than yours so she likes it better.

Just kidding, when someone has a passion about something it drives them to constantly try to reach new heights in achieving the most they can from it. And that gives them the best feeling, the feeling of accomplishment.

Answer by Just_One_Man’s_Opinion
There is a certain segment of the population that has addictive personalities. That simply means that WHATEVER their interests, for certain people, it has the potential of becoming an all-consuming obsession. I believe the ones that have the help lines and the support groups are simply the more commonly recognized sources for addiction; e.g., alcohol and gambling. Sure, sure, IF tomorrow there was a Horses Annonymous, several “horse addicts” might show, but one might be interested in dating horses and another riding them and another breeding them, etc. The fact that no one has answered your question indicates the relatively rare nature of this obsession. I’m sorry you had to go through this and I’m SURE your wife could get some valuable help through the church or maybe some counselling, but I simply don’t think that it is common enough to reasonably expect a “group” to suddenly spring up.

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