How Can You Know for Sure if Someone Is Doing Cocaine When?

Question by livelife: How can you know for sure if someone is doing cocaine when?
all the evidence I actually saw was two short thick straws and they were proped up in an ashtray. My daughter is dating a new guy and he is very private. I saw this at her apartment when she was gone.Now she is very moody and snaps at you, cries a lot and never comes around like she did.She is also loosing weight. Never has money and had to move to a one room apt. to pay her rent recently.She lies a lot and is always clinging to this new b.friend.How do I approach her and does someone addicted to crack need a treatment center to get off of it?

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Answer by Kelly
If she sniffs a lot, like she has a runny nose, that can be cocaine’s most obvious one.

Answer by Dee
She absolutely is. I’m sorry.

Now careful with your wording because she’s not addicted to crack, she’s addicted to cocaine. Crack is actually a modified version of cocaine, and you smoke it instead of snort it.

And yes somebody addicted to cocaine needs rehab. Well they don’t necessarily NEED rehab but it will make it soooo much easier rather than her trying to go cold turkey on her own and she will probably relapse.

I would talk to the rest of your family, see what they think, and then hold an intervention for her. For more information about what an intervention is about and more info about drug addiction in general, you should really watch the TV show Intervention. It’s on A&E and is actually on right now for me, but they also have 2 full episodes on their website

Best of luck!

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