Homopathy and Substance Abuse Cases Correlate Steadily: My Psychological Hypothesis


Homopathy and Substance Abuse Cases Correlate Steadily: My Psychological Hypothesis – This unique liberal message is dedicated to study of substance abuse and homopathy cases in Los Angeles County. I propose Californian public to remove Cocaine Anonymous and American Alcohol Anonymous narcomobsters from state rehabilitation centers, where their corrupt influence perpetuates substance abuse and alcoholism among rehab patients. I was fired from Los Angeles County rehabilitation center for opposing substance abuse, under ludicrous pretexts of right wing extremists, such confessed cocaine-abuser, counselor Mike Carreon.


Community Calendar

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•Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Open Meeting -All you need is a desire to STOP Drinking or Drugging (folks who have problems with prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy are also invited). Every Thursday night from 7:15-8:15 at the Community …
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Islamo-Bolivarianism: The Green-and-Red Menace in Latin America

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Seeing as this policy launched a crack cocaine epidemic that devastated South Central Los Angeles, it seems that the safety and well-being of the US citizenry may at times face more acute threats from the US government itself than from, say, the …
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Arrested robbery suspect has history of fleeing authorities

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The suspect's car was later located and impounded — sans Lucas. Later, four Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies arrested Lucas at the Trade Winds motel in Jacksonville, acting on an anonymous tip that the suspect was staying there. The officers knocked …
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