Holistic Rehab: Holistic Rehab – What’s the Holistic Difference Anyways?

Holistic has become a bit of a buzz word, a catchphrase broadly intuited to mean natural or alternative, and is generally considered with positive associations. But when people use the term holistic rehab, what exactly are they talking about?

What does holistic rehab mean?

Firstly, the term is used to describe residential rehab programs in two very different ways. It may be used to describe a program of residential rehab offering only alternative, completely natural, and non clinical therapies; but much more commonly it is used to describe a form of rehab in which you are treated as the sum of your mind body and soul, and where comprehensive treatments are used to address the problems of all parts of your being.

Fundamentally, we do exist on three levels, and although the problems of the body and mind are more easily studied and quantified, we ignore our spiritual selves at our peril, and there is no denying the influence of the soul.

No one form of therapy works well for all in recovery, and to earn the best chance at a better life of sobriety, rehabs need to offer us a comprehensive mix of programs. Holistic rehabs combine what has proven effective in conventional rehabs in the treatment of addiction through the body and mind, with alternative therapies shown to have benefit on the spirit.

Alternative therapies

Holistic rehabs will combine individual, group and cognitive therapies that give us mental strength and awareness to recovery with yoga, a therapy that combines mind body and soul, and has been tested effective for relapse avoidance.

Holistic rehabs will combine medical observation, good nutrition and pharmacological interventions against relapse with meditation that unites the body with soul, and does reduce relapse provoking stress, as it enlightens us to our true natures.

Although treatments such as yoga, karate, meditation or equine therapies may sound like a waste of precious recovery time, they have all shown great effectiveness, and although science has trouble explaining why, rigorous clinical studies have clearly shown that these therapies do help, and seem to work about as well as group therapy when given alone.

No one form of therapy works well for everyone and when you receive a broad range of therapies you have better odds of getting something that’s going to work for you, and that is going to keep you sober when nothing else will.

Holistic rehabs offer a lot. They take the best of a conventional rehab experience and add in alternative, but proven effective strategies; giving you additional tools that you’ll very likely need in the long and relapse provoking months of initial sobriety.

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