Holistic Rehab Center: The Approach of Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic drug rehab centers address the causes and environmental factors of drug abuse. In a holistic center, soul and mind are treated along with the body to help the individual recover from drug addiction. This approach includes spiritual counseling, proper nutrition, and simple techniques of meditation.

By addressing the numerous causes of drug addiction, recovery can be achieved more effectively, quickly, and permanently. In many cases, addicts start feeling real relief within the first few days of holistic drug rehab.

The treatment programs offered at a holistic rehab center encompass various types of addiction treatments, including:

· Self discovery and inventory
· Moral boost therapy
· Individual counseling
· Didactic and process group therapy
· Workshops and educational lectures
· Supplemental enhancements, including cognitive, faith based alcohol or drug rehab, holistic, 12 step or self help

Among these, moral boosting therapy or MRT is a very popular treatment. MRT is a systematic treatment, which seeks to lessen recidivism among substance abuse addicts through increasing the moral reasoning. Its approach of cognitive behavioral therapy fuses a number of psychological traditions to gradually address social, ego, and moral growth.

Self-discovery and inventory therapies teach the victims to look and identify the factors that they need to improve. It involves inpatient recovery programs, outpatient programs, counseling, lectures, and guided sessions of meditation.

Finally, didactic and process group therapy includes stress education, self-analysis, identifying and dispelling irrational beliefs, and replacing these irrational beliefs with truth. The individual counseling that forms part of the program at a holistic drug rehab is generally one on one sessions with appropriate counselors.

A holistic drug rehab also incorporates physician and nursing care on a twenty-four hours basis. Access to an abundance of professional and skilled psychologists is available as well. Sometimes, subsidiary treatments like message therapy, or treatment by herbalists and acupuncture specialists are also a part of a holistic drug rehab program.

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Jason Ramage is a new author and recently a recovered addict. I am writing to help other gain control over their lives.

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