Holistic Drug Treatment: Within You Is the Power to Overcome Addiction

Not everyone is interested in giving themselves over to a higher power to overcome their addiction. It could be because they are an atheist, agnostic, do not believe in that particular belief system, or do not want to mix church and rehab. The reasons are not important as there are other choices with non-religious rehabs. They don’t use the 12-steps as the foundation in helping someone to live a substance free life.

Modern therapy methods are used in non-faith based programs to treat addiction. They believe that if a person is re-trained in key areas of their life they gain control over it, and no longer will want to seek out their substance of choice as a coping mechanism. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to achieve this; functional analysis and skills training are the main components.

In functional analysis a counselor and individual work together to identify what went wrong in the person’s life that led them to addiction. An analysis of the thoughts, feelings, and circumstances of the alcohol or drug use, before and after, is conducted. The person is able to gain insight into their substance abuse, as well as, identify areas of their life where they experience coping difficulties. This is done in individual counseling sessions. The risks that can set off a relapse are made known to the person.

Skills training are the nuts and bolts of teaching the individual new coping mechanisms. Unlearning the old ways is the first step. New activities will be identified with the help of a counselor that will replace the drug and/or alcohol habit. An example, if a person is stressed they might go for a walk to let off steam. To change the way a person feels about their chemical dependency is the overall goal of CBT. This takes about 12 to 16 weeks to accomplish.

Ninety days is the usual duration of non-religious rehab. In addition to the intensive emotional training, they frequently carry the option for holistic/biophysical drug rehab. Withdrawal is made easier with this extra physical component, as well as, the body matches the feeling of the emotional healing that is also taking place.

The serenity prayer that has been used by Alcoholics Anonymous since 1941 is one of most well-known poems in existence. It reinforces the doctrine of 12-step programs that an individual is not capable of overcoming addiction without the aid of a higher power. Addiction shouldn’t be counted among the things to accept with grace that cannot be changed. Addiction with the right treatment can be overcome for good.

Thomas Littelton is an addiction counselor specializing in helping addicts with successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation; in particular non-religious substance abuse rehab and non-faith based treatment programs.

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