Holistic Drug Treatment: Take Control of Your Addiction With a Non 12 Step Rehab Program

An individual’s life is strained by substance abuse, as well as, it infiltrates the lives of their families and friends. The effects can be far-reaching if it is not controlled. The doctrine of a traditional 12 step counseling based rehabilitation contends that a person does not have control over their addiction, this is simply not true. People who seek out non 12 step drug rehab programs are more likely to achieve the desired result.

The Differences of Non 12 Step Programs

12 step counseling is based on the inherent premise that an individual does not have control over their thoughts or actions and must give themselves up to a higher power in order to succeed. Success is far more likely with rehabilitation that eschews this theory. 70% of individuals who go with non-faith based programs succeed and only 5 to 10% do with the other method.

This is because of the length of time and the methods used in the treatment produce lasting results. These types of rehabilitation methods usually go for 8 to 12 weeks. It is best to have a complete lifestyle change when becoming sober and this is usually not a comfortable change. An individual’s life may have triggers that can cause them to revert back to their habits; therefore, the longer stay allows them to become adjusted to their new life before going home.

This type of therapy focuses on the emotional side of addiction. The right set of tools are necessary for an addict to be able to change their behavior as they know it is a problem but don’t know how to modify it to be healthy. Cognitive therapy, individual counseling, education and life skill courses are all a component of non-faith based programs and give the person the toolbox to success.

An Additional Component to Success

Another component frequently available is holistic non 12 step rehab treatment, commonly known as biophysical rehab. Your desired outcomes can be more easily achieved with this addition to your therapy; you must be physically able to add it though. When an individual takes drugs and/or alcohol it is not only the mind that is affected; the central nervous system is protected by the toxins from the substances being stored in the fatty tissues and other organs.

Eliminating those toxins allows for a more comfortable withdraw and this method only uses nutritional supplements and natural remedies. The full body detox allows the person to revert to the pre-addiction state. It is important to seek the advice of a licensed medical professional before starting a rehabilitation therapy.

After winning the battle with his own addictions, Mike Pastnor has since been an addiction counselor and advocate for biophysical drug rehab treatment centers to help others achieve the same level of success he has attained.

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