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Holistic Rehab Center: The Approach of Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic drug rehab centers address the causes and environmental factors of drug abuse. In a holistic center, soul and mind are treated along with the body to help the individual recover from drug addiction. This approach includes spiritual counseling, proper nutrition, and simple techniques of meditation.

By addressing the numerous causes of drug addiction, recovery can be achieved more effectively, quickly, and permanently. In many cases, addicts start feeling real relief within the first few days of holistic drug rehab.

The treatment programs offered at a holistic rehab center encompass various types of addiction treatments, including:

Holistic Rehab: Holistic Rehab – What’s the Holistic Difference Anyways?

Holistic has become a bit of a buzz word, a catchphrase broadly intuited to mean natural or alternative, and is generally considered with positive associations. But when people use the term holistic rehab, what exactly are they talking about?

What does holistic rehab mean?

Firstly, the term is used to describe residential rehab programs in two very different ways. It may be used to describe a program of residential rehab offering only alternative, completely natural, and non clinical therapies; but much more commonly it is used to describe a form of rehab in which you are treated as the sum of your mind body and soul, and where comprehensive treatments are used to address the problems of all parts of your being.

Holistic Addiction Recovery Certification Program. Florida & USA.


Holistic Addiction Recovery Certification Program. Florida & USA. – For parents, doctors, therapists, coach’s, teachers, nurses, addiction specialists, ministers, AA sponsors, and those who desire to know more about a holistic approach to recovery from addiction. Addiction recovery offices in Miami and Fort Myers, certification also offered via teleconference. http


Experts slam Kathie Lee Gifford for calling parents of drug addicts failures

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"Today Show" host Kathie Lee Gifford is being slammed by addiction experts and fans for implying that the parents of drug addicts are failures as moms and dads and are ultimately at fault for their children's drug and substance-abuse problems. Gifford …

Mario Provides Tools to Accomplish Addiction Recovery


Mario Provides Tools to Accomplish Addiction Recovery – Mario, a primary addiction counselor at Above it Treatment, aids and assists in the addiction program. Above It All’s holistic alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs, along with people like Mario, help loved ones and their families accomplish lifelong recovery.


Study shows college students associate binge drinking with high social status

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In 2010, the State University of New York (SUNY) implemented a program targeting alcohol and drug use in an effort to curb risky drinking behaviors among its students. … Social marketing campaigns to deglamorize excessive alcohol use and accompanying …

PCH Treatment


PCH Treatment – – Dr. Jeff Ball welcomes you to PCH Treatment Center. PCH Treatment Center is located in Los Angeles, California. We offer advanced mental health treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, self-injury and psychological trauma.


Coming Full Circle: Taking Care of Your Abusive Parent in Old Age

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(Having worked in nursing facilities myself, I can attest to this.) Others visit only occasionally. This can seem cruel to those on the …. Holistic Health Learn about alternative medicines and treatments. Active Adult Stay vital with the latest …
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Video – Holistic Drug Treatment for Pittsburgh Residents


Video – Holistic drug treatment for Pittsburgh residents – If you prefer holistic drug treatment Pittsburgh, try our facilities. Dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders is our specialty. Holistic drug treatment is a call away Pittsburgh. Watch this video for more info. We can help you get holistic drug treatment Pittsburgh. Call us to speak with somebody today.


CDC says Suprax is no longer the first-line treatment for gonorrhea

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