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Drug Rehab Center | Holistic Healing | – Moonview Sanctuary is a non-residential treatment and optimal performance center for individuals who are challenged by emotional, physical, social or spiritual upheavals. MoonView specializes in combining Eastern and Western approaches practiced by more than 70 experts in their fields. Our individualized programs blend holistic, spiritual, and scientific treatments that are unlike any traditional program. The treatment focuses on addressing the uniqueness of each individual by incorporating advanced neuroscientific technology with ancient wisdom to produce a customized mode of psychological, physical and spiritual healing. For more information, please visit

Holistic Drug Treatment: Within You Is the Power to Overcome Addiction

Not everyone is interested in giving themselves over to a higher power to overcome their addiction. It could be because they are an atheist, agnostic, do not believe in that particular belief system, or do not want to mix church and rehab. The reasons are not important as there are other choices with non-religious rehabs. They don’t use the 12-steps as the foundation in helping someone to live a substance free life.

Holistic Treatment Center: Holistic Treatment Center: Combat Psychological Effects of Child Abuse

Intentional or unintentional, child abuse has a great impact on the physical as well as physiological health of a child. This distressing event can happen anywhere like at homes, schools, organizations ethnic or cultural groups. Physical harms involve lifelong health problems along with cognitive difficulties. When you talk about emotional effects, it results in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, difficulties in managing relationships and even personality disorder. Here the role of depression treatment center comes into picture. Don’t ignore the signs of child abuse. It’s no less than a crime. A relevant treatment center can rescue the sufferer from the pangs of depression and anxiety.

Holistic Drug Treatment: Take Control of Your Addiction With a Non 12 Step Rehab Program

An individual’s life is strained by substance abuse, as well as, it infiltrates the lives of their families and friends. The effects can be far-reaching if it is not controlled. The doctrine of a traditional 12 step counseling based rehabilitation contends that a person does not have control over their addiction, this is simply not true. People who seek out non 12 step drug rehab programs are more likely to achieve the desired result.

The Differences of Non 12 Step Programs

Holistic Drug Treatment: Searching a Drug Treatment

People in Ohio will say: let us be sensible, addiction and drugs will always co-exist and one has to learn to live with these evils of society. It is so very easy to say but only an addict knows the pain of drugs and how it has brought the world crashing down around him. How he longs for that normal life he used to live and laugh and go about his work, enjoy with family and friends.